Why I decided to Use Quick Heal Antivirus on My Windows 10 PC?

Quick Heal Technologies is an Indian company with a critical role in developing antivirus security software under its brand name.

The Quick Heal Antivirus Pro software is the company’s first product, and it contains components such as a firewall, anti-keylogger, sandbox, instruction detection, and it also comes along with a “TrackMyLaptop” antitheft system. The Quick Heal Antivirus program works on any computer device having Windows 2 and upwards.

Quick Heal Antivirus Features.

The program interface is cluttered. For example, it gives more folder space to features like Emails, Internet & Network, Files & Folders, and External Drives thus one can have easy access to related functions like the ‘scan folder’ or one can check the external drive conveniently.

The software gives access to various types of scan modes: Memory, Full, and Custom. The scan button also allows a user to scan files from Explorer and with a special touch, the user can view the results of the scan directly from a file’s property dialog.

Another exciting feature of the Antivirus software is its ability to scan multiple scans simultaneously. It can study different handle at the same time even if you already had an extensive system scan running in the background.


A comparative real-world protection test in 2018 measured that the Quick Heal Antivirus protection score rate is 97.7% and hoped that the scoring rate is going to improve much better over the next two years. Quick Heal Internet Security ranks in the 12th spot.

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Download & Setup of Quickheal on Windows 10

  1. Open the Quickheal for Windows 10 website.
  2. Click the Download button or icon on your browser for the Quick Heal software product that you would like to set up, then click on the save button that pops up.
  3. Select the desired folder that you would like to save the file on and click on the save icon.
  4. Once the download of about 257 MB completes, open the folder that the data is collected on and double click it, then the Quick Heal Setup Downloader will open.
  5. To change the destination path, you must click on the adjacent icon to the text box, browse it to your desired way of choice, but usually, the default download destination path is the Desktop browser.
  6. The Quick Heal product setup will launch once the download completes, and if you don’t want it to start immediately after the download, one can uncheck the checkbox to avoid the automatic launch.
  7. Open the folder location when the download completes on the box if you wish to set up the software immediately.
  8. You can change the version of the product that is installing by selecting either a 32-bit version or a 64-bit version by clicking on the options button of the icon. Kindly note that once a user begins to download a particular version, one cannot change it until the download is complete because the options button will be deactivated.
  9. Upon clicking the download icon, the following data will activate:

Quick Heal Antivirus on My Windows 10 PC

  • – Status
  • – Pause/Resume
  • – Product name
  • – Download path
  • – Statistics
  • – Transfer rate
  • – Time remaining
  • –  Progress
  • Click on the close button icon once the setup file completes downloading, and the program will be ready for use.

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