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Venus in Love

by Anne Massey

Knowing your Sun sign allows you to read up on your own personality and check out horoscopes. However, Venus is in every chart and it may not be in the same zodiacal sign as the Sun. The sign Venus is in provides insights into what you appreciate and what kinds of relationships are important to you. Here are brief excerpts from Anne Massey's book, Venus: Her Cycles, Symbols and Myths.

A woman with Venus in Aries wants to initiate the relationship. Wooing, sentimental cards or insipid tokens of affection are not enough. A Venus in Aries man loves his sports; the thrill of speed, if it has an engine, he's in love already. He isn't looking for a clingy, high-maintenance 'gal'.

Venus in Taurus yearns for someone to grow old with in comfort—she can be sensible in love. She loves the courting, craves security and freely depends on her love desire to be her source of support. Venus in Taurus men know how to treat a woman; shower her with gifts and please her.

Venus in Gemini is genuinely interested and interesting; keeping things lively is important—sharing is vital. She prefers to have an extraordinary life. Unlike many men, Venus in Gemini chats, gossips and knows both trivia and facts. Variety is the spice of life, so you are allowed multiple personalities.

Venus in Cancer woman charms by being so sweet, so loving and so shy. You just want to protect her, ensure she'll always be safe. A Venus in Cancer man is enchanted by a feminine woman, the kind you can introduce to mother. He is emotional, chivalrous, caring and protective—he understands her moods.

Venus in Leo woman needs to be the only one—the one adored and cherished. She is alluring, generous, full of praise and rather high-maintenance. The creative Venus in Leo man adores women who know how to look great. They love kids, sports and toys—making wonderful fathers.

Venus in Virgo woman charms with her wisdom, her unceasing interest in you. You may not notice you are being interviewed, because her unwavering attention is on you, and is holding you captive. Men with Venus in Virgo may be waiting for Miss Perfect or someone rather close. They are charming, witty, and bright but somewhat timid, not an easy catch.

Venus in Libra woman loves sentimental cards, poems and is delighted with any gift, because it means you were thinking of her. She may not know exactly what you would like, but she will find out. Men with Venus in Libra know the rules of courtship. They are brave enough to go after Aphrodite herself. You want to adore and be proud of your love; to you she is without a flaw.

Venus in Scorpio bonds through eternity. She demands passion and commitment—with mind, body and soul. She is intriguing seemingly holding onto secrets. A man with Venus in Scorpio is scouting for a strong woman, someone, who understands his passions, desires and devotion. He needs someone charismatic and strong, who can offer emotional support.

Venus in Sagittarius is full of life, laughs and goofs around. If she can teach you, or you can open new bigger concepts to her, you'll capture her attention for a while. Venus in Sagittarius man is attracted to a woman who stands out in the crowd, an adventurous spirit with a passion for life. However, you are free to stay and free to go.

 Venus in Capricorn has an ageless quality that captures our attention. She does not see it herself—to her it is the make-up, the outfit, the perfect light or your impaired vision. She works, supports, encourages and makes you feel you can conquer the world. Men with Venus in Capricorn desire a classic beauty, someone traditional preferably a wife to stand by her man, who can play the part of the 'corporate wife'. He also oozes sex appeal—it is an earthy Venus.

Venus in Aquarius is full of startling contrasts. She is looking for unique and reliable. She is wants an original, someone brilliant and different. She loves her freedom even more than Sagittarius. A man with Venus in Aquarius wants a unique, somewhat unconventional woman with brilliant intellect, who can understand his thoughts—perhaps simply someone who can understand his brilliance and encourage his yearning to gain more knowledge. Underneath it all, he may still want something conventional. The way to his heart is through his mind.

Venus in Pisces yearns for a soul mate. She can be on a quest of something otherworldly, she is the ultimate romantic. She can capture our attention without making an effort. She can also imagine her lover to be what he is not. A man with Venus in Pisces can be in love with the image of the 'mermaid'. He is the most sensitive and caring; he almost cares too much. He knows women intimately, but coping with any brush offs is difficult. Regardless of what he is like, most women find him sweet—maybe someone to 'rescue'.

The book is in a series of special topics in astrology but is written and organized in a fashion that allows a beginner to learn about Venus while offering advanced material on timing using the Venus cycles. Janice Brown in her review comments: "Anne writes with a highly personal and stimulating style. Venus, Her Cycles, Symbols and Myths, pulls you in like a good novel with gems on every page where you say “Yes! Exactly!” or “I didn’t know that!” without missing a beat."

Copyright © Anne Massey 2004-06, All Rights Reserved

The book is available online directly from Llewellyn, as well as from and in most bookstores.
ISBN- 0-7387-0991-3.

 Anne Massey, C.A.P., is the founding and current president of the Fraser Valley Astrological Guild.  Massey is the International VP of ISAR for Canada (International Society for Astrological Research), a member of the Finnish Astrological Association and the Canadian Association for Astrological Education. She maintains her own website,, which includes some of her previously published articles, plus weekly and monthly columns. Anne has designed the Guild website and continues to maintain it. She also designs websites for colleagues.

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